Narre Warren what causes bowel cancer

For the past decade, bowel cancer has been a major cause of premature deaths in Australia. And researchers at Narre Warren have determined Bowel Cancer as one of the most predominant types of cancer diagnosed in Australia. Second only to Lung cancer.

However, at Narre Warren, the Cancer specialists believe that more than eighty percent of Bowel Cancer cases can be treated successfully if the diagnosis is done on time. This is only possible if people are made aware of the causes of Bowel Cancer in Australia. 

This brings us to the question – what causes Bowel Cancer?

The major causes of Bowel Cancer include: 


Those above the age of fifty years and above are at an increased risk of Bowel Cancer. Age is one of the major causes of Bowel Cancer.


People who lead a sedentary lifestyle are at an increased risk of Bowel Cancer. Smoking, lack of exercise and obesity are known causes of Bowel Cancer.

Heredity / Family History

If one or more of your close relatives have been diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, then it is likely that you are at a risk of getting it too.

Prevention of Bowel Cancer:

Even though Bowel Cancer poses a huge risk, it is possible to prevent Bowel Cancer with some simple changes in your day to day lives.

Diet: Increase fibrous content in your diet, reduce red meat and processed meat

Exercise: Exercise regularly for sixty minutes every day

Lifestyle: Reduce unhealthy habits like smoking and alcohol

Specialists at a Cancer Research Centre in Narre Warren have stated that regular screening is the best way to prevent Bowel Cancer. The doctors at Narre Warren say that whatever may be the cause of Bowel Cancer, following a healthy lifestyle and regular check-ups can prevent the occurrence of Bowel Cancer as this is most important ever to a number of people.