All you need to know about Bowel Cancer!

Understanding Bowel Cancer

A frequent condition diagnosed in Narre Warren in the Australia, bowel cancer refers to the general term forlarge bowel cancer. It is also known as colon or rectal cancer depending on the location.

Main signs of the condition

Among the major Narre Warren bowel cancer signs include-

a) Blood in stool persistently

b) Significant change in bowel related habits

c) Frequent pain in lower abdomen, feeling of bloating and discomfort

It is important to note that these symptoms are pretty common otherwise and they may not necessarily translate to bowel cancer. It is advisable to wait for a short time in case these signs get better. In case of persistent symptoms, visit your GP immediately to confirm and take appropriate action.

Causes of the condition

The main causes of this condition include-

a) Age factor- In 90% of cases, these signs are seen in people aged 60 or above

b) Family history – People with bowel cancer history in their family are at a greater risk of developing the condition

c) Diet and lifestyle – One of the other common causes of this condition is a diet low in fiber and high in red or processed meats. Additionally, high alcohol intake and smoking further increase the chances of getting this condition

Treatment of the condition

Under the guidance of well-qualified and professional practitioners, the signs can be completely treated using a combination of multiple treatments depending on the location of cancer and how far it is spread.

Among the main treatment options include-

a) Surgery – In this option, the cancerous section of bowel is removed through surgery and is one of the effective ways of curing this condition

b) Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy- In this treatment option radiation and medication is used to kill cancer cells